Hong Kong 2072

Run 2 - Your princess is in another castle

The group accepted a mission from a mysterious Ms. Johnson to kidnap a little girl, with the odd addendum that they would lose their pay if she were harmed in any way. On their way back to the underground parking lot, their group was attacked by a number of gangers and what appeared to be a bounty hunter that skewered Geas with a heavy grapple bolt. Thankfully Jah was with the social adept, and Brown, the group’s new Rastafarian monster hunting mage, managed to pull the bounty hunter from the roof of a nearby building with the strength of the spirit possessing him. The thugs themselves fell to the motorcycle might of Jebediah Zigfield, the Kobold drones of Zach, and November’s gun.

From there the party split off to do legwork, the group talking to their various contacts to piece together what information they could for the run. November and Ziggy combed their criminal contacts and know-how to figure out the girl had to have some sort of Triad connection, but it was kept very hush-hush. The general assumption is that her father used to be some big Triad leader, before he screwed up a gang war, lost the Red Dragons a lot of territory, and committed suicide over the affair. A few business connections revealed that the girl’s mother worked for Wuxing as a mid-level manager in their magic department, and that she was often away on international business trips. The location of her daughter’s school was found, as well as the important information that the girl has a bodyguard, known as Shen, that follows here where ever she goes.



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